Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)

Takeharu Hayakawa Hayakawa is well-known as the a bassist of "Satoko Fujii 4" "Dr UMEZU BAND" and "SHIBUSASHIRAZU". He has been playing with UMEZU since 1978 "SEIKATSU KOJO IINKAI ORCH". He debuted...while still in high school, and was touted as a genius jazz bassist. But he wasn't satisfied to play only jazz ,he started to play electric bass and play R&B, Funk, Pop and Rock music and his original music. He always keep the rhythm so tight and makes own groove with Joe's drum. It makes solo players feel free. His solo playing is powerful and makes a uniquely potent sound. Nobody can play like him. He also leads his own band "HAYAKAWA" and he released 6 leader albums of his own. And he is always eager to play with various musicians like Satoko Fujii,Seiichi Yamamoto,Akihiro Ishiwatari, Coil ,Reiichi Nakaido,Lenard Eto,Hiroaki Katayama,Missing Link,Ryokka- keikaku and so on. That's why many musicians want to have him as their bassist. He participated about 100 albums. And he had many opportunity to have tour abroad with these musicians.

By the way he is also famous as a bicyclist. He contributes some of his own composition to "KIKI" as well.

He released many albums .

844 (Salt)
Gwoh-in (HAYAKAWA)
Saibou no Umi ( Hayakawa and Funado)
Yinlong( Hayakawa and Funado)
Non- Dimension (HAYAKAWA)