Kazutoki Umezu KIKI BAND


KAZUTOKI UMEZU "KIKI BAND" is difficult to categorize . It may be the newest type of Jazz-Rock. Its sound may be like progressive rock.
They like unusual beats. But basically it must be jazz. If you listen the rhythm, you'll feel rock, and if you follow the melody you feel like listening ethnic music.

KIKI BAND is composed of a powerful 4 members .
Kazutoki Umezu (As,Ss,Cl,Bcl),
Natsuki Kido (G)
Takeharu Hayakawa (B)
Joe Trump (Drs).
< First drummer Kozo Niida left in 2004

Since 1999 "KIKI" was formed by Kazutoki Umezu for a tour to Africa."KIKI BAND" always made surprise for music scene .
At 2003 They were known by people in the world as success at Moers Jazz Festival (Germany).
They toured in Europe (Germany,Poland,France,Austria,Switzerland,Netherlands,Italy,Lithuania,Slovenia,Croatia etc) , America(Canada,U.S.A) ,Russia,Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa),and Asia (Singapore,Malaysia,Korea)and Japan.

Everybody who has heard "KIKI"BAND, think it's a real sensational band !

At 2007 they were invited to Jazz festival Saalfelden (Austria),Leipzig Jazz Festival(Germany) and have toured in Europe (Germany,Austria and Poland).
2008 they toured in Japan and Europe (Poland,Germany,Netherlands,Slovenia,Italy)
2009 ,toured in Japan and Europe (Germany,Slovenia,Croatia)
2010 ,toured in Japan ,and be in "Jarasum International Jazz Festival" in Korea .
2011,toured in Japan ,and be in "Festival tour circuit in Canada (Ottawa,Edmonton,Vancouver)"U.S.A and toured in Europe(Germany,Poland,Switzerland)
2012,toured in Japan
2013,toured in Japan,and be in" Zappanale" in Germany ,"Kuala Lumpur International Jazz Festival' in Malaysia.
2014 and 2015, toured in Japan.

They released 9 albums and 1 DVD released

"KIKI" in 2001, EWCD-0032
"Greetings from Africa" in 2002 EWCD-0045 live recording in their African tour
"Land Dizzy" in 2002 EWCD-0053
"Live at Moers" in 2004 zott-001 live recording at Moers Jazz Festival
"DOWSER" in 2005 zott-002
" DEMAGOGUE"in 2007 zott-003
"Alchemic Life "in 2008 nw802-2 live recording at "Alchemia" Krakow Poland
"A Chrysalis' Drean" in 2010 zott-004
"Coyote" in 2013 zott-005

DVD "Live in Zappanale 24" in 2013 live recording at Zappanale Germany .


Live in Zappanale 24 (2013) DVD

  1. Squirrelly Dragon
  2. Monkey Mash
  3. Gibbs' Paradox
  4. Gelcoroido
  5. Tohoku - Izumoya
  6. Dressler # 36
  7. Crawler
  8. Jumina
  9. Make Make
  10. Viva Chuosen Jazz
  11. Flying Head
  • Kazutoki Umezu (As,Ss,Bcl)
  • Natsuki Kido (Guitar)
  • Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)
  • Joe Trump (Drs,Per)

Coyote (2013) zott-005

  1. Shiri-agari(Kazutoki Umezu)8: 26
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  2. Coyote(Natsuki Kido)5: 15
  3. Sannou (Takeharu Hayakawa)5: 35
  4. Atama-uchi (Kazutoki Umezu)5: 04
  5. Gibbs' Paradox(Takeharu Hayakawa) 7: 55
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  6. GEL-COLLOID(Natsuki Kido)4: 02
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  7. Day/Break/Night/Shift (Joe Trump) 4: 49
  8. Geopathic Stress (Takeharu Hayakawa)6: 33
  9. Sou- shun (Kazutoki Umezu) 6:34
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  • Kazutoki Umezu (As,Ss,Bcl)
  • Natsuki Kido (Guitar)
  • Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)
  • Joe Trump (Drs,Per)

A Chrysalis' Dream (2010) zott-004

  1. Jumina (Takeharu Hayakawa)8:45
  2. Freight Train Skyrocket (Natsuki Kido)3:59
  3. A Chrysalis' dream (Kazutoki Umezu)14:10
  4. MakeMake (Kazutoki Umezu)8:44
  5. Gel Flow Takeharu Hayakawa)6:00
  6. Red Snow (Natsuki Kido)11:10
  • Kazutoki Umezu (As,Ss,Bcl)
  • Natsuki Kido (Guitar)
  • Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)
  • Joe Trump (Drs,Per)

Alchemic Life (2008) Live at Alchemia Krakow Poland NW802-2

  1. Squirrelly Dragon (Kazutoki Umezu)8:00
  2. Monkey Mash (Natsuki Kido) 3:19
  3. Outer Stopper (Takeharu Hayakawa)7:36
  4. Hot AX (Natsuki Kido)12:52
  5. Nowhere House (Kazutoki Umezu)10:59
  6. Viva Chuo-sen Jazz (Natsuki Kido)6:03
  7. Flying Head(Takeharu Hayakawa)5:15
  8. Vietonamese Gospel (Kazutoki Umezu)11:04
  • Kazutoki Umezu (As,Cl)
  • Natsuki Kido (Guitar)
  • Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)
  • Joe Trump (Drs)

Demagogue (2007) zott-003

  1. Outer Stopper(Takeharu Hayakawa)5:19
  2. Harpy (Kazutoki Umezu)4:42
  3. Hot AX (Natsuki Kido)6:53
  4. Nowhere House (Kazutoki Umezu)7:22
  5. We have no Banana!! (Natsuki Kido)3:56
  6. Afirah Majimn (Takeharu Hayakawa)7:35
  7. Dogged Dog (Kazutoki Umezu)4:56
  8. Rumba Delacantilado (Takeharu Hayakawa)6:59
  9. Black Jack (Joe Trump)7:09
  • Kazutoki Umezu (As,Cl)
  • Natsuki Kido (Guitar)
  • Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)
  • Joe Trump (Drs)

DOWSER (2005) zott-002

  1. Squirrelly Dragon (Kazutoki Umezu) 6:23
  2. Monkey Mash (Natsuki Kido) 2:47 
  3. Dressler#36(Takeharu Hayakawa) 5:55
  4. The begging was failed (Kazutoki Umezu)6:48
  5. Viva Chuo-sen Jazz (Natsuki Kido)4:49
  6. Dowser(Takeharu Hayakawa)8:27
  7. A fort of Zanzibal (Kazutoki Umezu)5:27
  • Kazutoki Umezu (As,Sopranino sax Bcl)
  • Natsuki Kido (Guitar)
  • Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)
  • Joe Trump (Drs)

Live at Moers Festival (2004) zott-001

  1. Crawler(Natsuki Kido)10:17
  2. IZUMOYA (Kazutoki Umezu)10:55
  3. UNI(Takeharu Hayakawa)9:32
  4. I like your nerve (Kazutoki Umezu)10:03
  5. Thihai Songs (Kozo Niida)12:41
  6. The Moon on the Ground (Kazutoki Umezu)13:46
  • Kazutoki Umezu (As)
  • Natsuki Kido (Guitar)
  • Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)
  • Kozo Niida (Drs)

Land Dizzy (2002) EWCD 0053

  1. IZUMOYA (Kazutoki Umezu)10:11
  2. Crawler(Natsuki Kido)7:10
  3. UNI(Takeharu Hayakawa)5:46
  4. Genbu (Takeharu Hayakawa)9:52
  5. The Moon on the Ground (Kazutoki Umezu)15:44
  6. IZUMOYA (Kazutoki Umezu)3:16
  • Kazutoki Umezu (As)
  • Natsuki Kido (Guitar)
  • Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)
  • Kozo Niida (Drs)

Greeting from Africa (2002) EWCD 0045

Live at Market Theater in Johannesburg South Africa & Carnivore in Nairobi Kenya
  1. Tabanga(Natsuki Kido)7:56
  2. KIKI(Natsuki Kido)10:53
  3. The Room of Setting Sun (Kazutoki Umezu)10:55
  4. Kumamoto (Kazutoki Umezu)6:58
  5. Ngoshonaphi (Bheki Khoza) 12:42
  6. Malaika ( Mdawida Fadhili William)4:48
  • Kazutoki Umezu (As)
  • Natsuki Kido (Guitar)
  • Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)
  • Kozo Niida (Drs)
  • Guest Bheki Khoza (Vo,Guitar)

KIKI (2001) EWCD 0032

  1. KIKI (Natsuki Kido)7:47
  2. Flying Head (Takeharu Hayakawa)5:03
  3. Vietonamese Gospel (Kazutoki Umezu)7:51
  4. Moon Struck (Kazutoki Umezu)4:56
  5. Dancing Bones (Takeharu Hayakawa)9:13
  6. SOLA (Natsuki Kido)8:22
  7. Fucking Ada (Ian Dury, John Turnbull) 3:44
  • Kazutoki Umezu (As,Ss)
  • Natsuki Kido (Guitar)
  • Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)
  • Kozo Niida (Drs)

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Kazutoki Umezu
(Alt Sax, Sop Sax, Clarinet , Bass Clarinet)

Umezu is one of the most important reed players in the world. He is not only a well-known jazz master, but also a great improvisor to collaborate with.
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Natsuki Kido (Guitar)

Kido is the most important guitarist in the Japanese progressive rock scene. Also he plays avant-garde improvised music and on the other hand he may join to play tango or ethnic folk songs. At first ...
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Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)

Hayakawa is well-known as the a bassist of "Satoko Fujii 4" "Dr UMEZU BAND" and "SHIBUSA SHIRAZU". He has been playing with UMEZU since 1978 "SEIKATSU KOJO IINKAI ORCH". He debuted ...
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Joe Trump (Drums.Percussion)

Joe Trump is a veteran of NYC's studio and live music scene,though he now makes his home with his wife,two young children,and two old cats in Portland,Oregon.As a member of such diverse groups as...
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